Universidad del Rosario – Claustro Campus

The life of the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario has been inseparable from that of Colombia, both nourishing and developing one another throughout their histories.

The Colegio del Rosario was founded in 1653 by the Archbishop of Santa Fe Friar Cristobal de Torres y Motones, with the permission of King Felipe IV, to teach Theology, Jurisprudence, Medicine, and with basic training in Philosophy.


From its founding its has been an institution “of” and “for” its students (the origin of the Colegiatura)

Initially, the Founder appointed two Dominican friars as rector and vice-rector, but reserved the right to appoint the Colegiales, who would enjoy a full scholarship and live in the cloister until graduation for more or less seven years.

The Dominicans, brothers in the Founder’s religion, understood the donation of the school in an absolute sense and intended to incorporate it as part of the dominican religious community. Realising this, the Founder then proceeded to revoke the donation and to secularize the College, a process completed by Dr. Cristobal de Araque.

Address: Claustro Campus – Calle 12C Nº 6-25 – Bogotá D.C. Colombia

More info: https://urosario.edu.co/